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OriginDestinationDeparture atReturn atTrip classStopsFind tickets
HanoiHo Chi Minh City13.12.202116.12.2021EconomyDirectTickets from 82
ManilaHo Chi Minh City03.07.202209.07.2022EconomyDirectTickets from 113
Nha TrangHo Chi Minh City03.12.202106.12.2021EconomyDirectTickets from 118
Phu QuocHo Chi Minh City10.01.202216.01.2022EconomyDirectTickets from 118
Kuala LumpurHo Chi Minh City12.11.202116.11.2021Economy1 StopTickets from 124
SingaporeHo Chi Minh City18.11.202124.11.2021Economy1 StopTickets from 142
PhuketHo Chi Minh City13.01.202214.01.2022Economy1 StopTickets from 145
Qui NhonHo Chi Minh City20.11.202121.11.2021EconomyDirectTickets from 154
KuchingHo Chi Minh City09.01.202212.01.2022Economy1 StopTickets from 161
Kota KinabaluHo Chi Minh City01.03.202205.03.2022Economy1 StopTickets from 192
BangkokHo Chi Minh City02.11.202103.11.2021Economy2 StopsTickets from 271
OsakaHo Chi Minh City12.12.202115.12.2021Economy1 StopTickets from 332
TokyoHo Chi Minh City28.05.202203.06.2022Economy1 StopTickets from 375
MoscowHo Chi Minh City02.12.202107.12.2021Economy1 StopTickets from 406
SeoulHo Chi Minh City30.12.202105.01.2022EconomyDirectTickets from 451
Saint PetersburgHo Chi Minh City11.04.202217.04.2022Economy1 StopTickets from 547
KaohsiungHo Chi Minh City05.12.202108.12.2021Economy1 StopTickets from 568
WarsawHo Chi Minh City30.12.202105.01.2022Economy2 StopsTickets from 575
RigaHo Chi Minh City21.02.202227.02.2022Economy2 StopsTickets from 596
Los AngelesHo Chi Minh City23.02.202228.02.2022Economy1 StopTickets from 625
New YorkHo Chi Minh City05.01.202211.01.2022Economy1 StopTickets from 640
YekaterinburgHo Chi Minh City02.12.202107.12.2021Economy3Tickets from 691
NovosibirskHo Chi Minh City07.12.202113.12.2021Economy1 StopTickets from 782
KrasnojarskHo Chi Minh City17.02.202223.02.2022Economy3Tickets from 812
KyivHo Chi Minh City08.05.202214.05.2022Economy2 StopsTickets from 831
ZagrebHo Chi Minh City01.02.202205.02.2022Economy2 StopsTickets from 856
BarnaulHo Chi Minh City05.01.202211.01.2022Economy2 StopsTickets from 871
San DiegoHo Chi Minh City23.02.202228.02.2022Economy1 StopTickets from 894
AthensHo Chi Minh City24.12.202127.12.2021Economy3Tickets from 926
IzhevskHo Chi Minh City29.12.202104.01.2022Economy2 StopsTickets from 954
GuangzhouHo Chi Minh City29.10.202130.10.2021Economy1 StopTickets from 978
MumbaiHo Chi Minh City25.11.202101.12.2021Economy4Tickets from 1 011
DhakaHo Chi Minh City30.12.202105.01.2022Economy4Tickets from 1 027
VladivostokHo Chi Minh City27.12.202131.12.2021Economy3Tickets from 1 044
Koh SamuiHo Chi Minh City29.12.202101.01.2022Economy3Tickets from 1 047
RostovHo Chi Minh City02.01.202208.01.2022Economy2 StopsTickets from 1 080
AlmatyHo Chi Minh City14.12.202118.12.2021Economy2 StopsTickets from 1 096
BakuHo Chi Minh City02.11.202104.11.2021Economy2 StopsTickets from 1 102
Nur-Sultan (Astana)Ho Chi Minh City01.02.202207.02.2022Economy2 StopsTickets from 1 165
SeattleHo Chi Minh City06.06.202207.06.2022Economy1 StopTickets from 1 179
TorontoHo Chi Minh City11.01.202212.01.2022Economy1 StopTickets from 1 183
KhabarovskHo Chi Minh City29.04.202203.05.2022Economy3Tickets from 1 192
TashkentHo Chi Minh City06.11.202111.11.2021Economy3Tickets from 1 392
KazanHo Chi Minh City22.11.202128.11.2021Economy2 StopsTickets from 1 534
Sao PauloHo Chi Minh City24.12.202128.12.2021Economy2 StopsTickets from 1 547
TallinnHo Chi Minh City26.11.202130.11.2021Economy2 StopsTickets from 1 617
StavropolHo Chi Minh City30.10.202103.11.2021Economy5Tickets from 1 619
KaliningradHo Chi Minh City15.11.202121.11.2021Economy4Tickets from 1 663
KemerovoHo Chi Minh City16.11.202122.11.2021Economy3Tickets from 1 758
ParisHo Chi Minh City25.10.202130.10.2021Economy3Tickets from 1 853

Direct Flights from Ho Chi Minh City

DestinationDeparture atReturn atAirlineFind tickets
Bangkok20.01.202204.02.2022Tickets from 103
Banmethuot05.11.202107.11.2021Tickets from 117
Da Nang23.08.202226.08.2022Tickets from 134
Dalat23.12.202126.12.2021Tickets from 101
Dubai06.11.202113.11.2021Tickets from 643
Hanoi27.11.202128.11.2021Tickets from 78
Hue25.11.202130.11.2021Tickets from 158
Istanbul15.03.202231.03.2022Tickets from 994
Kuala Lumpur10.12.202122.12.2021Tickets from 103
Nha Trang13.07.202215.07.2022Tickets from 117
Phu Quoc10.01.202231.01.2022Tickets from 116
Pleiku14.11.202123.11.2021Tickets from 118
Seoul15.12.202115.12.2021Tickets from 304
Singapore21.03.202227.03.2022Tickets from 114
Tuy Hoa09.08.202212.08.2022Tickets from 116
Taipei11.12.202105.01.2022Tickets from 422

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