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OriginDestinationDeparture atReturn atTrip classStopsFind tickets
Nha TrangHo Chi Minh City19.11.202124.11.2021EconomyDirectTickets from 46
Thanh HoaHo Chi Minh City06.12.202112.12.2021EconomyDirectTickets from 54
HanoiHo Chi Minh City01.11.202105.11.2021EconomyDirectTickets from 63
BangkokHo Chi Minh City01.12.202106.12.2021EconomyDirectTickets from 93
Kuala LumpurHo Chi Minh City15.12.202119.12.2021EconomyDirectTickets from 107
DenpasarHo Chi Minh City06.01.202209.01.2022Economy1 StopTickets from 195
SeoulHo Chi Minh City31.10.202104.11.2021EconomyDirectTickets from 268
OsakaHo Chi Minh City06.12.202112.12.2021Economy1 StopTickets from 332
MoscowHo Chi Minh City18.10.202122.10.2021Economy1 StopTickets from 401
PenangHo Chi Minh City04.02.202207.02.2022Economy1 StopTickets from 426
DubaiHo Chi Minh City01.02.202206.02.2022Economy2 StopsTickets from 501
KaohsiungHo Chi Minh City01.04.202206.04.2022Economy1 StopTickets from 531
Saint PetersburgHo Chi Minh City06.03.202212.03.2022Economy2 StopsTickets from 537
VilniusHo Chi Minh City20.01.202225.01.2022Economy1 StopTickets from 559
StockholmHo Chi Minh City08.11.202114.11.2021Economy2 StopsTickets from 601
Tel Aviv-YafoHo Chi Minh City16.01.202222.01.2022Economy2 StopsTickets from 627
OmskHo Chi Minh City23.05.202229.05.2022Economy2 StopsTickets from 631
RostovHo Chi Minh City15.10.202120.10.2021Economy2 StopsTickets from 638
WarsawHo Chi Minh City19.11.202123.11.2021Economy1 StopTickets from 642
NovosibirskHo Chi Minh City20.06.202226.06.2022Economy2 StopsTickets from 657
RigaHo Chi Minh City27.12.202102.01.2022Economy2 StopsTickets from 674
KaliningradHo Chi Minh City21.10.202127.10.2021Economy3Tickets from 712
Nizhniy NovgorodHo Chi Minh City15.11.202121.11.2021Economy3Tickets from 741
SamaraHo Chi Minh City04.11.202107.11.2021Economy3Tickets from 742
ViennaHo Chi Minh City03.11.202106.11.2021Economy1 StopTickets from 754
YekaterinburgHo Chi Minh City04.02.202207.02.2022Economy2 StopsTickets from 760
KyivHo Chi Minh City08.05.202214.05.2022Economy1 StopTickets from 762
PermHo Chi Minh City27.12.202131.12.2021Economy2 StopsTickets from 763
KrasnodarHo Chi Minh City03.01.202209.01.2022Economy2 StopsTickets from 792
BarnaulHo Chi Minh City01.02.202206.02.2022Economy2 StopsTickets from 815
OrenburgHo Chi Minh City18.10.202123.10.2021Economy2 StopsTickets from 825
KrakowHo Chi Minh City08.11.202113.11.2021Economy4Tickets from 837
AstrakhanHo Chi Minh City03.01.202209.01.2022Economy2 StopsTickets from 840
RomeHo Chi Minh City22.10.202124.10.2021Economy2 StopsTickets from 851
EdmontonHo Chi Minh City21.11.202127.11.2021Economy2 StopsTickets from 851
Chiang MaiHo Chi Minh City14.10.202117.10.2021Economy4Tickets from 868
KrasnojarskHo Chi Minh City01.11.202107.11.2021Economy3Tickets from 886
KazanHo Chi Minh City01.12.202105.12.2021Economy2 StopsTickets from 894
SaratovHo Chi Minh City08.11.202113.11.2021Economy2 StopsTickets from 901
VladivostokHo Chi Minh City29.11.202130.11.2021Economy2 StopsTickets from 933
ChelyabinskHo Chi Minh City03.01.202209.01.2022Economy2 StopsTickets from 960
ParisHo Chi Minh City18.10.202124.10.2021Economy2 StopsTickets from 1 008
KurganHo Chi Minh City01.02.202206.02.2022Economy2 StopsTickets from 1 015
AlmatyHo Chi Minh City04.01.202209.01.2022Economy3Tickets from 1 055
IasiHo Chi Minh City26.12.202129.12.2021Economy2 StopsTickets from 1 085
IstanbulHo Chi Minh City06.10.202111.10.2021Economy1 StopTickets from 1 131
IrkutskHo Chi Minh City04.10.202110.10.2021Economy3Tickets from 1 161
Petropavlovsk-KamchatskyHo Chi Minh City10.11.202114.11.2021Economy3Tickets from 1 178
TbilisiHo Chi Minh City03.11.202106.11.2021Economy1 StopTickets from 1 234
TashkentHo Chi Minh City01.01.202205.01.2022Economy2 StopsTickets from 1 276

Direct Flights from Ho Chi Minh City

DestinationDeparture atReturn atAirlineFind tickets
Bangkok01.01.202202.01.2022Tickets from 96
Banmethuot12.11.202115.11.2021Tickets from 46
Da Nang10.12.202111.12.2021Tickets from 49
Dalat23.03.202225.03.2022Tickets from 53
Hanoi20.12.202123.12.2021Tickets from 129
Hong Kong08.01.202210.01.2022Tickets from 220
Haiphong15.11.202130.11.2021Tickets from 62
Istanbul21.12.202128.12.2021Tickets from 1 317
Nha Trang24.02.202211.03.2022Tickets from 53
Phu Quoc23.11.202103.12.2021Tickets from 47
Seoul01.12.202111.12.2021Tickets from 284
Singapore07.04.202210.04.2022Tickets from 181
Thanh Hoa06.12.202112.12.2021Tickets from 54
Tokyo16.03.202206.04.2022Tickets from 616

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